Murder Mystery Party 1: The Bet

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Murder Mystery Party 1: The Bet, die erste Krimiparty in englisch

Murder Mystery Party 1: The Bet

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Murders Mystery Party 1: The Bet
Cornelia H.-Müller presents another case in the beloved crime party series Murder Mystery Party: The Bet
Lord Ashtenburry had to sell his manor, the venerable Linley Castle. The new owner, a Texan oil billionaire, invites the Ashtenburrys and other guests to the castle. Trying times for the butler who was included in the purchase. Nonetheless, everything appears to point to a jolly evening until a downright outrageous bet is placed.
It is not even midnight when a dead body is discovered and Inspector Hannibal Winter will not have an easy time to resolve the murder.
Come along to the Scottish castle and, together with your investigation team, try to solve the case!
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Murders Mystery Party 1: The Bet
Author: Cornelia H.-Müller
Cover designed by Michael Frädrich
© Edition Paashaas Verlag
ISBN:  978-3-96174-000-0
72 pages, paperback, 13,5 x 21 cm.
€ 9,95, USD: 13,95, GBP: 10,95
Printed: BoD, Norderstedt
New Edition Januar 2017
Translated from German to English by Annette Oppenlander, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Players: 7 to 11 people
Age recommendation: 12-99 years


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